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Note: 2020 and Sorry for the War are available for pre-order and have an estimated ship date of late February 2021.  


2020/Sorry for the War/Signed 8.5 x 11 Print (uneditioned) Buy ($275 plus shipping) 

Purchase a bundle of "Sorry for the War," "2020" and a hand printed and signed 8.5x11 printed on archival Hahnemuhle Photo Rag.  


2020/Sorry for the War- BUY ($69 plus shipping) 

Purchase 2020 and Sorry for the War together and save $11. 


2020-BUY ($18 plus shipping- unsigned) BUY ($25 plus shipping- signed) 

2020 is a booklet about the United States during one of its most climactic years, interspersing photographs and diary entries. The work documents many of the critical moments of 2020: Covid-19 in New York City, the rebellion against health measures, the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the fall of the Confederate statues, the rise of militias, the populist base of Trump, the run up to the election through the "Swing States," election night at the White House and many other stories.  


Sorry for the War -BUY ($55 plus shipping- signed) 

Sorry for the War reveals the disconnect between the United States at war and the wars as they really are. It weaves through the war in Iraq, the refugee crisis, militarism, terrorism, nationalism, myth-making and propaganda.Text English and Arabic.  


Buzzing at the Sill - BUY ($250 plus shipping. Signed. Price is high because only a few remain) 

Buzzing at the Sill is Peter van Agtmael's work about coming home from years of covering war in Iraq and Afghanistan and trying to understand his experiences and his country. The work is a stew of reflections on war, memory, identity, race, class, family and the landscape. 

Buzzing at the Sill was shortlisted for the 2017 Rencontres D’Arles Book Award and Kassel Book Award and was named a “Book of the Year” by Time, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Mother Jones, and Internazionale. 


Disco Night Sept 11 - BUY ($50 plus shipping. Signed.) 

Disco Night Sept. 11 is a chronicle of America's wars from 2006-2013. The photographs shift back and forth from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the USA, unsparingly capturing the violent, ceaseless cost, but also the mystery and the madness, the beauty and absurdity at the core of each conflict. The narrative is complemented by nineteen gatefolds which elaborate on places and individuals. 

Disco Night Sept 11 was shortlisted for the 2014 Aperture/Paris Photo Book Award and named a ‘Book of the Year’ by The New York Times Magazine, Time, Mother Jones, and Vogue.